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In a bid to continue to offer our customers eco-friendly surface solutions, we now offer a range of ECOBoards, made from straw, a waste by-product.

The high quality panels are manufactured from agricultural residue fibres that are milled to form flakes. The flakes are then mixed with a specially designed formaldehyde-free resin and are compressed under high temperature to form a stable homogenous panel.

The ECOBoards can be used in virtually all applications such as insulating properties, furniture and interior decorating, sound absorption and where moisture resistant material is needed.

Some of the benefits you’ll see from ECOBoard are:

  • Better screw strength than MDF
  • 100% biodegradable
  • 100% durable
  • Homogenous single layer that can be screwed, nailed, painted and veneered
  • Healthy working environment created and less dust
  • Density from 200kg/M3¬†soft board to 800kg/M3
  • Negative carbon footprint

The ECOBoard material is also available in homogeneous quality door cores and doors, solid compound doors and flush doors which can be delivered to your specification.

For more information on the ECOBoards, visit our website

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