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Coffee sack laminate

Coffee sack

Geaves are pleased to be able to offer a new addition to their range of laminates printed to look like a coffee sack.

This laminate is ideal for use in coffee shops or department stores or bookstores which feature coffee shop areas.

If you’d like to know more about this or you’d like to see a sample, please call us on 0419 992 216.

New Matrix range


Geaves have launched a range of engraved panels which can be used to create stunning effects.

11 methacrylate colours can be surfaced with metal, acrylic or laminate and engraved with either a standard or custom design, offering a huge range of options.

When a transparent background methacrylate is used, the product is best when back lit for a modern take on stained glass window, allowing the light to shine through the engraved areas.

The product can also be used for feature walls.

Matrix can also be engraved to order, so if you would like a custom engraving all you have to do is send us the Autocad files.

The panels are available in 3050 x 1220 mm and a 4 mm thickness.

Matrix is available with low minimum order levels and fast delivery time so for more information please call us on 01245 329922.

New decorative laminates


Geaves have launched a new addition to their range of innovative, decorative laminates: White Ondes Line and Black Ondes Line.

These are available in a black or white high gloss finish featuring a metallic silver wave pattern.

This range is ideal for feature walls or creating a modern, high-end look.

If you would like to find out more about this product or you would like a sample, please call us on 01245 329922.

Straw effect laminates

Straw 1

Geaves Surface Solutions have added a new product to their collection of natural effect laminates.

In addition to:

  • Anodised metal effect laminates
  • Bamboo effect laminates
  • Real wood effect laminates

Geaves are now able to offer their customers a straw effect laminate.

These are perfect for anyone that wants to achieve a natural finish, with all the benefits of a laminate:

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cost effective
  • Continuation of colour and pattern

If you would like some more information on this range or to request a sample please call us on 01245 329922.

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