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Duhospan is a range of melamine-faced chipboard available in both standard V20-E1, Fire Retardant B1 and water resistant V313 grades.

Duhospan is available in over 40 plain colours, 30 wood grains and a selection of metallic and textured effects – made to order. Duhospan is available in a laminate or a melamine faced chipboard with digital print, as well as aluminium faced chipboard and MDF.

For samples, please call 0419 992 216 or email info@geaves.com to request a brochure. We can send the brochure or a larger sample out to you within 24 hours of your enquiry, and Duhospan products are available for nationwide delivery within 48 hours, so your project can be completed as quickly as possible.



A350 Brushed Alu Light
A356 Brushed Alu Dark
A241 Alu Extra Mat


FN 50 Titanium
FN 14 Sandra
FN 5 Light Grey Carat
F 150 Aluminium Dark
F 140 Aluminium Light
F 115 Granol Dark Grey


UN 1046 Light Blue
UN 410 Cappuccino
UN 323 Red
UN 321 Poppy
UN 228 Yellow
UN 91 Black Graphite
UN 85 Pastel Blue
UN 77 Grey White
UN 73 Basis Grey
UN 70 Grey Beige
UN 68 Patel Green
UN 68 Blue Grey
UN 67 Jade Green
UN 65 Apple Green
UN 57 Lavender
UN 17 Pastel Yellow
UL 786 Mouse Grey
UL 180 Beach
UL 110 Lagoon
UL 105 Burgandy
UL 54 Polar White
UL 19 Lobster
U64.6 Ivory
U25.5 Anthracite
U 914 Vanilla
U 320 Yellow Beige
U 212 Sahara Beige
U 210.6 Light Grey
U 201.5 Lemon Grey
U 82.6 Lufthansa Beige
U 79.6 Cream
U 73.6 Jasmin
U 69.4 Marine
U 53.4 Dark Blue
U 43.6 Magnolia
U 41.6 Black
U 27.6 Dark Grey
U 26.6 Pearl Grey
U 23.6 Pastel Grey
U 22.53 Standard Grey
131.7 Super White
131.6 200 Gram White
131.5 120 Gram White
131.3 160 Gram White


HWC 1 Almond Alder
HN 6060 Light Olive
HN 3230 Light Cherry
HN 3036 Natural Beech
HN 968 Lugano Apple
HN 582 Elmau Beech
HN 555 Wenge
HN 531 Pear
HN 521 Pear
HN 521 Honey Maple
HN 334 Ferrara Oak
HN 312 Light Oak
HN 225 Ash
HN 156 Alder
HL 1238 Odessa L. Oak
HL 1236 Odessa W. Oak
HL 1071 Light Walnut
HL 837 Dark Walnut
HL 18 Maple
HG 54 Border Maple
HG 53 Sherwood Oak
H 4404 Birch
H 4404 Birch
H 4092 Natural Birch
H 800 Planked Beech
H 151.4 Oak
H 87.4 Beech
H 47 Dark Cherry
H 39.318 Light Beech

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