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The G-Lam Collection offers a quality, durable laminate produced to the highest European standards. The newest additions to the G-Lam laminates range include an extra white gloss and a blush red.

We now stock Black and White colour core in Gloss and Velur textures and a variety of sheets in Fire Rated and Jumbo sizes.

For samples or to request a brochure containing chipped samples of the actual product, contact us on 0419 992 216 or email

Samples and brochures will be sent within 24 hours of your enquiry, and G-Lam products are available for nationwide delivery within 48 hours, so your project can be completed as quickly as possible.

The G-Lam laminates collection is available in a sheet size of 3050 x 1300 x 0.9mm.



3101 White Velur
3101 White Gloss
3103 Ice White Velur
3103 Ice White Gloss
3097 Polar White Velur
3153 Dove Grey Velur
3151 Turtle Grey Velur
3156 Thunder Grey Velur
3168 Blade Grey Velur
3155 Charcoal grey Velur
3190 Black Velur
3190 Black Gloss
109 Choc Brown Velur
3159 Mocha Velur
3105 Latte Velur
3167 Foreshore Velur
3106 Cream Velur
3106 Cream Gloss
3107 Ivory Velur
3128 Sunflower Yellow Velur
3118 Florida Orange Velur
3139 Seville Orange Velur
3129 Poppy Red Velur
3126 Blush Red Velur
3126 Blush Red Gloss
605 Burgundy Velur
3145 Fuchsia Velur
3119 Lilac Velur
3135 Indigo Velur
3131 Pacific Blue Velur
3169 Navy Blue Velur
3137 Azure Velur
3132 Yale Blue Velur
3134 Pastel Blue Velur
3133 Sky Blue Velur
3143 Mint Green Velur
3146 Acid Green Velur
3144 Pea Green Velur
3140 Racing Green Velur
3141 Turquoise Velur
5576 Silver Pearl
5544 Brushed Silver Bute
2001M Matt Aluminium
201BR Brushed Alu
1317 Silver Mirror
1101 Brushed Steel
6020 Brushed Gold
6070 Brushed Copper
4293 Washed Maple Velur
4347 Natural Maple Velur
4235 Natural Beech Velur
4503 Classic Cherry Velur
4253 Dark Cherry Velur
4212 Pale Walnut Velur
4479 Light Tobacco Walnut Velur
4272 Wenge Velur
S606 Olive Wood Velur
S612 Light Zebrano
4216 Steamed Beech Velur
4558 Ferrara Oak Velur
306 Classic Light-Oak Velur
4288 Alder Velur
4481 Dark Tobacco Walnut Velur
4454 Cream Line Wood
4385 Tan Line Wood
4452 Tobacco Line Wood
4267 Classic Zebrano Velur
4400 Caramel Stripe Wood Velur
4402 Brown Stripe Wood Velur
4401 Black Stripe Wood Velur
3103 White Spark Gloss
3190 Black Spark Gloss
3103 White Galaxy Gloss
3190 Night Galaxy Gloss
3103 White Star Gloss
3190 Black Star Gloss
3158 Red Star Gloss
3103 Ice White Velur Colour Core
3103 Ice White Gloss Colour Core
3190 Black Velur Colour Core
3190 Black Gloss Colour Core

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