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Stylam by Geaves

The Stylam by Geaves range offers laminates in stylish colours and finishes in a more flexible standard size.

The 2440mm x 1220mm size offers a cost effective option for door manufacturers, shower wall and commercial interiors to minimise waste when looking for a non-standard size.

The 2440mm x 1220 mm laminate range is available in over 40 striking plain colours and finishes, from gloss to leather and suede effect as well as 14 realistic natural wood grain finishes.

To request a brochure featuring chipped samples of the product, please call 0419 992 216 or email: We can send a brochure, or larger sample if you require, out to you within 24 hours of your enquiry, and Stylam products are available for nationwide delivery within 48 hours, so your project can be completed as quickly as possible.



8001 Pure White Suede
8001 Pure White Shining Oak
1005 White Suede
1005 White Brocade
1005 White Gloss
8142 Black Suede
8142 Black Gloss
8142 Black Square
8231 Coffee Suede
8205 Rust Brown Suede
8052 Magnolia Suede
8052 Magnolia Microlines
8022 Pearl Suede
1027 Yellow Suede
1027 Yellow Square
572 Red Square
572 Red Microlines
8223 Cherry Brown Suede
8223 Cherry Brown Suede
8223 Cherry Brown Leather
8222 Fusion Suede
8306 Hina Suede
8306 Hina Microlines
527 Green Suede
527 Green Square
8104 Silver Grey Suede
8105 Dove Grey Suede
8107 Warm Grey Suede
8170 Warm Grey Turtle
8110 Charcoal Grey Suede
8205 Rust Brown Leather
8205 Rust Brown Shining Oak
8202 Sandel Brown Suede
8202 Sandel Brown Leather
8083 Barleycorn Suede
8504 Golden Yellow Suede
8522 Orange Suede
8522 Orange Turtle
8523 Dark Orange Suede
572 Red Suede
8222 Fusion Turtle
8424 Navy Blue Suede
564 Blue Suede
564 Blue Square
8403 Sky Blue Suede
1962 Maple Suede
7307 Golden Maple Suede
7003 Weeping Beech Suede
7007 Mangfall Beech Suede
7710 Lorraine Walnut Suede
7706 Boston Walnut Suede
7601 Ash Linosa Natural Wood
7101 Tectona Natural Wood
1353 Tweed Grey Brocade
1354 Tweed Dark Brocade
1343 Snow Grit Suede
1342 Ailsa Suede
7009 Red Beech Suede
1955 Steamed Beech Suede
7422 Red Oak Suede
7404 Brown Oak Suede
7423 Oak Graphite Natural Wood
7703 Jouvenile Walnut Natural Wood

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