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What we do

As the name suggests, at Geaves Surface Solutions we focus on one thing: The Solution. We don’t make you order standard sizes, quantities or colours. We match the surface to your specification, whether that’s colour matching, digital printing to align with your brand or even designing a bespoke surface solution for you.



Geaves are constantly pushing the boundaries of surface technology introducing innovative and exciting new ideas for products and finishes.

Please see our news page for our latest innovative designs.


Value Engineering

The trick with value engineering is using the best material and minimising waste Рbalancing durability with value. We offer an extensive range of matching melamine faced board, laminate and edging; produced to a size and thickness to suit your requirements. We don’t insist you buy pack lots, the last thing you need is boards cluttering up your warehouse because you only wanted 16 boards but had to buy a pack of 20. If you need 16 boards we supply 16 boards.


Colour Matching

We can colour match paint references in many different finishes. Simply email us the reference and the finish you would like and we’ll send you a sample, usually within 24 hours.



Our dedicated, expert team will work with you from the initial concept to sourcing and pricing through to delivery. So you get the ultimate in specification, cost and delivery schedule.


Our specialist knowledge allows us to recommend and source the ideal product, ensuring your project will be delivered on budget without compromising on design, giving you peace of mind.



Studying trends from around the world allows us access to the most innovative products in the market.



Here are just some of the products Geaves can offer:

  • High Pressure Laminates
  • Melamine Faced Panels
  • Digital Printing
  • Wooden Worktops
  • FSC Accredited Products
  • Machined Panels
  • Acoustic Panels
  • Edge Banding
  • Gloss Melamine Panels
  • Wrapped Profiles
  • Wave Board

For more information on any of the products and solutions Geaves can offer, please call us on 0419 992 216 or email: sales@geaves.com.au




Problem: Replicating natural materials on in-store surfaces

The Geaves Solution:

One of our leading retail clients wanted to replicate the look of certain natural materials in-store while maintaining colour consistency.

It was important that the product was in-line with their environmentally friendly ethos and was cost-effective.

They were keen on a tongue and groove effect, but were concerned that using solid wood could cause colour inconsistencies, either across different stores or when units were pushed together.

To resolve this we developed a new surface solution – a printed match. By taking a sample of the effect required, we matched the texture and printed it on to colour core laminate, colour matched all the way through with the required tongue and groove effect. Therefore the colour was consistent throughout, unlike with natural product or some veneers. There is also no risk of fading with this product.

Our client was extremely happy both with the finish and the fact that this product was 25% more cost effective, and more environmentally friendly than the natural equivalent.

If you’d like advice on how to meet the challenge of replicating natural materials on in-store surfaces, call us now on 0419 992 216, email: sales@geaves.com.au or fill in our contact form.


Problem: Glitter paint

The Geaves Solution:

One of our large high street retail clients wanted to find an alternative to the glitter paint product they were using.

The painted finish was not durable enough and was not cost-effective due to the labour intensive nature of the application.

The finish was also not glossy so the effect was not as strong.

So we developed Galaxy, a beautiful, durable decorative laminate containing thousands of pieces of gold and silver glitter that reflect the light beautifully.

Galaxy is available in many different colours including gold, stone, olive, lilac, blue, red and grey. You can also choose from two finishes – Lucida, a smooth, super shiny and glossy surface, or Stone, a beautiful, natural matt finish.

If you have a specific challenge you need to find a solution for, or if you’d like to discuss the solutions above in detail, please fill in our contact form ,call us on 0419 992 216 or email: sales@geaves.com.au


Problem: Textured, on-brand feature surface

The Geaves Solution:

One of our leading Japanese restaurant clients wanted a tree design on their seating area booths as it was in line with their existing in store concept.

They already had a digitally printed laminate but wanted something that would create a feature and provide more texture and depth.

From our Matrix range, we recommended a wood grain laminate with transparent acrylic backing. Therefore the cut out design creates an attractive feature when backlit.

Our client was extremely happy with the finish and we were able to turn around drawings and samples within 1 week, with the finished product being delivered to them a week later.

If you would like some more information about our bespoke surface solutions from Geaves, with the turnaround time of a standard product, please fill in our contact form , call us on 0419 992 216 or email: sales@geaves.com.au


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